A refreshing approach to vintage: Black Sheep Antiques

When these images and this email popped into my inbox I was struck by the refreshing approach to buying vintage that Black Sheep Antiques have. Vintage isn’t for everyone; some people want to find the perfect vintage dress as it is but with this company they ackowledge that vintage can be a good budget option for many people, and that a good price allows for alterations and modifications to the garments they sell too.

image3I love this. Not just vintage for the love of it, but vintage in terms of outlook – like our grandmothers’ generation where fabric of all kinds was reused and remade into as many different things as possible.


‘We are a small Essex based business selling vintage wedding and bridesmaids dresses. All our dresses are original pieces that have already experienced at least one happy wedding day in their lives. We even have one that has been worn by 3 generations of the same family. The majority of our gowns date from 1910 to 1980 but most are 1930-1950. We love those periods because they really knew how to emphasise and make the most of a woman’s body back then.

We aim to offer our gowns at as reasonable a price as possible with dresses ranging from £120 to £750. We find this allows brides to make alterations and customise their dress further so that it is completely unique for each of our brides. As many of our dresses are under £500, we are very popular with brides on a budget, as by buying vintage they are able to afford beautiful quality materials and tailoring that would nowadays often attract a designer price tag.

We also stock a huge range of vintage accessories including veils, head pieces, bags, gloves and costume jewellery. ‘


How gorgeous are those earrings!

You can find Black Sheep Antiques here on their website, on Twitter and on Facebook.

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