Everyday Bride – the beginning


How are you? Firstly, thank-you so much for stopping by. We’re a new blog – as you can probably can tell from the bare bones that are on here at the moment!

Well, what are we all about? We’re about weddings. All kinds. Big, small, vintage, modern, recent, not so recent, here, abroad….however you did it we want to know about it. Every wedding is special, no matter what the style or the budget, and we want to showcase that.

We’re in association with Little White Books because we love them. We work with them in our alter-ego company and they have a fabulous group of suppliers and lots and lots of even more fabulous brides. If you’re looking for ideas and suppliers for your wedding you can’t beat a Little White Books fair.

What’s next? We’ve got lots of weddings lined up to show you….and we’re really hoping that you’ll send us yours. If you’re interested in having your wedding featured by us please get in touch. We’re lovely and have a helpful little guide to what we’re looking for in a post so it isn’t as scary as it sounds!

If you’d like to find out more, please email [email protected].

Hopefully we’ll see you soon. x

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  1. hey i emailed and then saw this….would be interested
    but my wedding in Ireland …see what you think thaanks


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