A Feast For The Eyes

We love the impact and colour that flowers
can inject into your wedding theme and there’s no better example than a
richness of blooms cascading from your tiered wedding cake to create a true
statement centrepiece. You can choose to use an abundance of real flowers, a
tasteful scattering of edible petals, or incredible sugar paste designs –
foliage to suit every budget & theme and all a feast for the eyes.

Fresh flowers will add dramatic colour and
effect to a simple, plain iced tiered cake. You can’t help but fall in love
with this trend. Speak to both your florist and your cake maker to discuss
design & practicality – and remember that some flowers can be toxic, so
make sure you take the advice from your florist on board. Your cake maker might
be concerned about the risk of cross-contamination, but draping beautiful
blooms around the base of the cake can look just as good.

Or why not go for sugar paste flowers –
they’re edible, always in season and can last forever. Some cake makers are so
creative and talented that you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between
sugar paste and real flowers.

We asked some of our cake company and
florist advertisers to share their images with us. We’ve got a fabulous
selection of both real and faux – can you tell the difference?

Huge thanks to our contributors:






(Red Floral Architecture image is used with permission www.jefflanghorne.com

www.am-flowers.co.uk (featuring www.scrumptiouscakesormskirk.co.uk)


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