Let it Rain Confetti – 5 Top Tips on Getting the Perfect Confetti Photo

The confetti shot is one of the most requested by wedding photographers and capturing that moment isn’t as easy as you may think. Shropshire Petals share their 5 top tips on how to get the perfect confetti photo.

1. Discuss your confetti photo with your photographer – Ask to see examples of confetti photos your photographer has already taken to give you an idea of their style. They will probably know the best spot to have your confetti moment, taking into consideration where your venue allows confetti.

Credit: Davind Golding Photography

Blush Confetti from £11.95 per litre (credit – David Golding Photography)

2. Choose the best petals for throwing – The best for throwing are small petals such as delphinium or wild flower petals as they are light, which means they fall delicately and slowly, ensuring your photographer has plenty of time to capture the magical moment.

3. Choose the right colours – Choose colours that stand out with your background, so light or brights for darker backgrounds and darker, mixed colours if your photo is to be taken in an open area.

Above Left: Blush and Daisy Daisy £13.95 per litre

Above Right: Pick and Mix Raspberry Fool, Midnight Blue and Ginger Snap £11.95 per litre

4. Calculate how much you will need – as a guide, usually about half of your guests will throw confetti. However, depending on the type of shot you want – a photo full of petals or a light shower – you will need to know how much to order. You can use the confetti calculator on the website to help.

5. Make sure your guests know how to throw! Delegate a member of the bridal party to organise the shot by getting them to ask guests to stand close to each other and throw as high as they can, which will create a perfect flutter – you don’t want confetti thrown directly in your faces!

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Above: Coral Reef £13.95 per litre

Credit: Yarwood-White.com

Photo Credit: Yarwood-White.com

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