Bridal Boudoir, by Lace and Pearl

Set in the heart of Preston city centre, Lace and
Pearl is a stunning exclusive photography studio in a beautiful converted mill.
Owned and operated by female photographer Emma Robinson, along with an all
female makeover team, you can be guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome when
you arrive. Little White Books recently asked Emma to write a feature on her business and share some of her images with us – and you can also meet Emma at the Great Northern Wedding Show at Bolton Arena on Sunday 18th September where she will be showcasing more of her amazing work.

“Women choose to have a boudoir makeover for many
different reasons, by far and away the most popular type of shoot I do is
Bridal Boudoir. For those of you who haven’t come across this before, lots of
brides-to-be are having a boudoir shoot done as a gift for their future
husbands on the night before their wedding. And the best bit? It’s also a gift
for you too! A boudoir makeover is a huge confidence boost for any woman, and
you’ll have a set of photos you will both treasure for a lifetime.

There can be many reasons women stop themselves from
booking a shoot, even if they’d actually really like to do it. The best
reassurance I can give to anyone is simply to trust me. It’s my job to make you
look amazing. The girls you see here aren’t professional models. They are just
regular women the same as you and I (who have kindly given me permission to use
their images) and more often than not it’s the very first time they’ve been in
a photography studio.

Once you’ve booked your shoot, I send lots of in-depth
information about preparing for your shoot, covering things like selecting the
best outfits to wear and what you can expect during and after the shoot. Some
ladies like to bring their wedding night lingerie, others choose a favourite
outfit or it can be the perfect excuse for a shopping trip! Another fabulous
option is to bring along one of your partner’s shirts or a baggy jumper for a
more relaxed look.

On the day, I’ll be there to hold your hand from the
minute you walk through the door. You’ll get to relax in our beautiful dressing
room while a professional makeup artist styles your hair and applies your
makeup. We’ll talk about the outfits you’ve brought as well as your favourite
poses from my portfolio. During the shoot itself, you’ll be working one-on-one
with me and I’ll guide you every step of the way, right down to every last
detail like where to place your hands and facial expressions.

I’m often asked if I “Photoshop” my images and the
simple answer is yes. To tell the truth, all digital photographers use Photoshop but I do a little sensitive airbrushing
to ensure that you look amazing. You’ll still look like you, just like the best
possible version of yourself! More important, is the combination of
professional hair and makeup, the right outfits, great lighting and clever posing. All these combined ensures that any woman
can look amazing on a boudoir shoot; whether you are slender or
curvaceous I know how to make women look fabulous!

Hands down the best part of my job, and the reason why
I love it so much, is the reaction women have when they see their photos for
the first time. If you fancy an amazing confidence boost, and would love some photos of yourself looking amazing then I
can’t recommend a boudoir shoot strongly enough!”

by Emma Robinson at Lace and Pearl
[email protected]
Tel: 01772 369159

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