To Share or Not To Share: How to be ‘Social’ on your Wedding Day

a photographer these days. Or, at least they think they are. Your
wedding photography is a huge part of your day, and if you’ve chosen a
professional to work with it’s important that they are able to get the shots
that you will hold close to your heart forever. However, the snaps that your
nearest and dearest take are important too, and can often capture those candid,
ad-hoc moments that come with being comfortable with your friends and family.

Here’s the LWB guide to making sure you have the perfect mix of memories to

  • Communicate what you want on your invitations
    so all your guests are aware right from the start. Unplugged or plugged – the choice is yours –
    but clear communication means there’s one less thing for you to think about on
    the day.
  • If you’re happy for your guests to share the
    love all day encourage the use of your very own personalised hashtag, then you
    can easily find every snap of your day e.g. #MrAndMrsJones2016.
  • During
    the ceremony you can ask the registrar or cleric to politely request that
    guests only take photos at certain times, such as during the signing of the
    register. This means that your professional photographer can get shots of you
    and your guests enjoying the ceremony, rather than shots of people’s iPhones in
    the air.
  • Mix it up. Ask for a social media blackout
    until a certain time when all of your guests have arrived so that someone’s
    aunty Joan on Facebook doesn’t get to see your dress before your pals from work
    arrive for the evening bash.
  • Advertise your hashtag around your venue in
    creative ways:
  • Assign
    ‘Social Media Heroes’ at your wedding.
    We’ve all got friends who are obsessed with Instagram and are handy with
    a filter. Ask them to mingle with your
    guests and take and share the most beautiful shots, using your hashtag
    so it’s all tied together neatly for you to scroll through. (Heroes – don’t
    forget your charger!)
  • If you’ve booked a photo booth, selfie mirror or
    have quirky photo props on your tables (lips, moustaches, etc) these can
    provide some fabulous, funny moments to share. If you don’t want images online
    make sure that your photo booth or mirror supplier knows as many offer an
    instant upload feature.
  • If you really want to embrace social media and
    encourage as many ad-hoc photos as possible,
    why not tell guests you will pick your favourite shared shot of the day
    via your hashtag and invite that person round for dinner and maybe a first look
    at your official wedding album.
  • Finally – don’t worry about upsetting
    anyone. The decision is yours, and everyone you’ve chosen to be there loves you. Do
    what makes YOU happy!

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