Pack Your Bags – We’re Getting Married Abroad!

If the thought of the whole big, white wedding fills you
with dread, then you may prefer to escape to somewhere exotic, either just the
two of you, or with close friends and family.

Getting married abroad is becoming increasingly popular as
more and more couples decide to do this. The average cost of a wedding abroad,
including an exotic honeymoon is about £4600 which is a minimal cost compared
to a UK wedding. The options are endless, from a romantic ceremony on a white
sandy beach, to a Princess style wedding at Disneyland or even an underwater
wedding in the Caribbean.

Our Hints and Tips for Getting Married Abroad by the Carribean Boutique

  • Some destinations need you to reside in the
    country for so many days before the wedding so check the residency in your
    chosen destination before booking. Some of the shortest residencies are New
    York, Las Vegas, Antigua or Canada.
  • Decide what time of year you want to get married
    and check on the weather in your chosen destination for that time. (We can
    advise on the best times to travel.)
  • Check the legal requirements and make sure that
    you have all the necessary paperwork. (We can help and advise with this.)
  • Are you inviting guests. If so, speak to them
    early to check when people are available and how many will be attending. This
    will help when speaking to wedding co-ordinators regarding venue etc.
  • Once your wedding is booked, you can add on any
    extras you like such as extra flowers, a hairdresser, extra photographs. Also,
    you may want a romantic meal on the beach or a private dining experience after
    your ceremony.
  • If you are getting married in a tropical
    climate, we recommend a wedding dress in a cool natural fabric and a
    light-coloured suit in cotton or linen.
  • We recommend that wedding outfits are packed in
    a hard suitcase or boxed, and placed in the hold of the aircraft. There’s
    usually no extra baggage allowance for wedding outfits. Make sure everything is
    clearly labelled and that you tell check-in staff you’re carrying wedding
  • Make sure you carry your legal documents, rings
    etc in your hand luggage.
  • When taking out your travel insurance, make sure
    you upgrade to ‘wedding cover’ to include things such as your dress, the rings,
    replacement photographs etc
  • Above all, relax and enjoy the experience. It
    should be the best day of your life.

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