Ryan Smith Wedding Host & DJ

Ryan is known as one of the best Hosts & DJs in the wedding industry. He brings the right balance of fun and professionalism to your daytime hosting (without the cheese)!

Ryan goes above and beyond to make sure your wedding has that personal touch by meeting all his couples before the day to ensure your individual requirements are met.

His packages are bespoke, and tailored to the needs of what you’re looking for! From ceremony, to background music during the wedding breakfast, to bringing in the wedding party with music, and introducing your speeches. Ryan will build rapport with your guests and ensure that there in the right place at the right time whilst being that go to person to create unforgettable memories.

Going onto the evening, Ryan takes on a modern approach with his wealth of experience playing alongside sax players to make sure you have a night to remember. If dance, R&B and old skool are your thing, then Ryan is definitely your man.

Ryan can offer both the day time hosting with DJ, or just the evening DJ if your prefer.

Fancy a brew ?

Ryan would love to meet you and discuss how he can make your day totally personalised to you.

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07980 824 268