Mason King – Mind Reader

Fancy something a little different for your wedding?…. Maybe something with abit of an edge?…Something modern, contemporary and unique?…. If so…why not hire a Mind Reader? 

Using a combination of psychological influence, suggestion and body language reading, a modern Mind Reader will provide guests with a genre of entertainment they have likely never seen before in a close-up environment, such as:

– Being able to reveal a thought of word or number

– Predicting the outcome of an event or action before it occurs

– The ability to replicate unseen drawings 

The rise in popularity in the likes of Derren Brown in the last ten years has led to the art of mentalism becoming one of the most sought after genres of entertainment available.
Mason King’s uniquely different mind blowing psychological illusions will give your guests the most memorable experience ever and they’ll still be talking about your big day in the many months and years to come!
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