Late Last Night

Late Last Night play classic cover songs as you’ve never heard them before. Reworking the hits with the passion and excitement of an originals band, this trio offers a unique approach to your live music needs, providing exciting entertainment for any occasion from casual bar gigs, to large formal functions.

Specialising in reworking and updating pop classics from the 60s through to the 2000s and beyond, audiences are kept entertained into the late hours.

Late Last Night offer something for everyone with their blend of funk, RnB, rock, reggae, blues and modern pop. Based around a core of guitar, bass, drums and 3 part vocals, the group’s line up and song choices can be adapted to your requirements. This flexible small band ethos enables quickly tailored performances to suit your needs, from Beyoncé to BB King, from The Kinks to Coolio. The band size also allows the act to reasonably work within budgets to give you a night to remember.

Want more conventional covers similar to the original? No problem, returning the reworked songs to the original version is no issue either. In addition to this, the option of requesting a bespoke set of songs to your taste (conditions apply), means Late Last Night offer the perfect live music covers service!

After a bigger spectacle? With well-established links to the Manchester musician’s network, the trio line-up can be supplement with high quality session musicians creating the vibe and impact you require. Keyboards, horns, backing singers and more can be added for larger impact and a bigger sound.

The core members of Mike, Neil and Shane have the experience and know-how to cater to your needs. In addition to quality musicianship and savvy song selection, their background of touring around the world, playing at functions and corporate events, performing in theatres, musicals and arena sized festivals has resulted in an understanding of what audiences want throughout a night and an informed approach to song choice.

Whether you want to sit and marvel at the twists and turns of their interpretation of the classics, or get moving to their unique sound, your guests are sure to remember the great time they had LATE LAST NIGHT!
Greater Manchester