Gill Charlton Celebrant

Hello I’m Gill, a fun loving, plant eating, campervan driving, fully qualified celebrant and I absolutely love working with amazing humans to create extra special unique ceremonies.

I served in the British Army for 24 years so I’m an expert at planning for every eventuality. Travelling the globe, I met people from all walks of life so I’m all about inclusion and celebrating difference. I’m here for you not your label.

Expecting someone to turn up at your ceremony, say a few words and go home? Not on my watch! As a celebrant I’ll be much more involved every step of the way, and might even be more excited than you when that special day arrives!

People who meet me describe me as a quirky ‘pocket rocket’ whose energy and enthusiasm is infectious. I’m oozing with authentic northern charm and always lots of fun. Sounds like the perfect recipe for an insanely good celebrant to me!

It has also been said that I have eclectic taste. I just think that I like what I like, which is most things. So if you are planning a vibrant, retro inspired ceremony featuring disco balls and roller skates, I’ll be there to match your vibe (although I can’t promise that I will be able to skate!). If your style is more elegant and sophisticated, I’m here for it all – count me in!
07480 623230