Agnes Black

Dew drops on the flowers outside your door. The morning light that brakes through the condensation on your window. Your morning cup of coffee to help settle the anxiety and butterflies building in your tummy. The cinnamon bun you picked at. The excitement as you begin to get ready. The nervous giggle and cries mixed of bliss and apprehension. The braids in your hair and the gloss on your lips. The pictures on the wall and the newspaper on the table. The hands of your mum helping you in your beautiful lace dress, the blue earrings borrowed from Nan, the tears of longing and love from Dad. The first glance of your forever soulmate. Sacred vows, adoring glances and whispered declarations of love. The scent of their perfume as you lean in for a kiss. The happiness that those around you share. Those first steps taken as newly weds. The colourful confetti thrown in the air. The love, chatter, sniffles and smiles of your nearest and dearest, carried on through out each and every moment of the day. You and the love of your life sneaking away, a moment just for you. The amazing food you are too excited to eat. The angst of the speeches and the emotions of pure contentment, love and tears they evoke. A beautiful song picked just for you as your evening is just beginning. The silly faces on the photobooth. The shoes off and dress swirling. The outrageous moves, the air guitars and and the kind of singing that leaves your throat sore! The sparkles lighting your way as you set of on your new journey.

Weddings are full of crazy moments, emotions and love from start to end. I will capture every little one of these and tell your story.
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