Make it a Cake to Remember

When it comes to
your wedding cake there are endless opportunities to show your style and
creativity. Its design can be a reflection of your tastes and personalities and
be as unique as you are!

Here are our top
tips for achieving that gorgeous cake:

1 Gather lots of ideas – do you want a
traditional wedding cake or something a bit different. Whatever the case,
collect lots of ideas to help explain to your cake-maker what it is you’re
looking for. It’s much easier to share ideas when there’s a picture in front of
you both. But remember, cake-makers are unlikely to reproduce a design that isn’t theirs so be sensitive to whose design
it is. If you’re struggling for inspiration, check out our Pinterest board for lots of cakey ideas!

2 Shop around – meet lots of
cake-makers, taste lots of samples and chat to each one about your ideas. At a
bridal fair a cake-maker will exhibit some examples of what they can do, but these people are super-creative and will
be able to turn their hand to lots of different styles so make sure you chat
with them too.

3 Set your budget – you’ve probably
realised by now that weddings can be
eye-wateringly expensive. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’
rings true for many things and your cake is one of them. It’s important to be
realistic about what you can afford and to be up front with your cake-maker as
to what your budget is. Most suppliers are used to working within a budget and
it’s much easier for them if you can give them an indication of what you can
spend before they start pricing up a design for you. They’ll also be full of
canny ways to achieve the look you’d like without busting your budget.

4 Be On-Trend – If you want to be on-trend with your cake,
we’re seeing these design themes still running strongly into 2016:

  • Rose gold – this is the hot sparkly colour theme at the moment
    and you can work this into your cake design with gorgeous metallic elements
    either on the icing surface or as design features. Perfect for all seasons,
    this lovely colour complements so many other themes too.
  • Go naked! These beautiful cakes continue to be very popular and
    can make an ideal dessert at your reception too. Tower them up, mix up the
    flavours and cover them with cascades of delicious fresh fruit for a fantastic
    finish to your meal.
  • Floral – this is a timeless element to any wedding cake and
    super-easy to tie in with your bouquet and venue décor. Go for impact with a
    selection of large individual blooms on a simply iced cake, or go for intricate
    detail with lots of tiny floral elements to
    a more detailed design. You can’t fail with this one!
  • Dare to be different – Not everyone is a fan of cake (yes really) so go for something different instead a tower of cheese, a stand full of macarons,
    or cake-pops, for that bite-size cake treat. Or maybe three tiers of pork pie is your thing – we think that
    wouldmake a fabulous centrepiece at an outdoor wedding.

    6 Don’t forget the groom… In the
    Victorian age a groom’s cake was a popular addition to a wedding. Now mainly an American tradition, but we think
    this is one worth bringing back to the UK. The groom’s cake usually
    reflects his tastes and is a different flavour to the main wedding cake. So if
    you’re not a fan of Star Wars or Batman making an appearance throughout your wedding,
    maybe this cake is the way to go for you.

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