The Bridal Make-up Team

Laura Mayers is an established bridal hair & make up
designer with a wealth of experience within TV, Film & Magazine industries.
Due to Laura’s own connections and work within these creative industries she has
brought together a team of Make Up Artists with the best credentials and
experience on projects such as ‘Hello’ magazine, Coronation Street, BBC
Breakfast to name a very few. This is the Bridal Make-Up Team.

Laura has given us exclusive access to one of her recent
photo shoots which also included bridal gowns & accessories from Bridalwear
by Emma Louise, and was photographed by Mick Cookson Photography.

Laura says: ‘Always keeping on top of modern trends, with access
to and working with so many modern brides, means that we are constantly keeping
ourselves updated and looking ahead to upcoming looks and styles. Research and regular collaboration with other
top industry professionals on various projects is another way of making sure we
understand the ever changing needs of bridal work.

‘My Bridal Make-Up Team
works closely with dress designers, stockists and photographers as these are
some of the best people to understand and have an eye on evolving new trends.
We often get together to shoot new material and experiment with new looks as
demonstrated in this photo shoot’.

Laura feels passionate about the power of make-up because it
can make a person feel beautiful and fabulous about themselves. Make-up is
clever, fun and shouldn’t be stressful – used correctly it can make all the
difference to how you feel on your wedding day.

Laura and her Bridal Make-Up team are specialists at the art
of airbrushing, and in fact introduced mobile airbrushing to the North
West. Airbrushing began on American
television and films in shows such as ‘Friends’. It was a technique brought
over to the UK around 10 years ago but not widely available on a mobile basis
for bridal work. She tells us: ‘Because
of our experience we are able to offer airbrushing to our brides for the best
make-up application you can have. It is silicone based so it lasts until you
choose to take it off. So beautiful and light; it feels, looks and moves like a
second skin yet has all the coverage necessary to look like you have flawless

Accessories are from Ivory & Co and selection of dresses
from Stella York, Ronald Joyce, La Sposa and Benjamin Roberts, all from
Bridalwear by Emma Louise, 302 Wigan Road, Bolton BL3 5QT

Photography by Mick Cookson Photography

Laura Mayers – Hair & Make Up Designer – The Bridal Make-up Team

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