A Sweet Shoppe Just Devine!

Faye Devine is the owner of candy buffet company, Devine Sweet Treats. There’s not a candy cart in sight though – instead Faye brings a gorgeous cupboard of sweets to your event and creates your very own ‘Pop-Up Sweet Shop’. The jars she uses are crammed full with ample amounts of sweets plus you get to keep whatever is left over!

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Faye picks up the story:

“I’m a creative person in general so when myself and my husband Anthony started wedding planning, it was a no brainer for me to do a lot myself. In hindsight probably a little too much!

“I designed and made all of our wedding stationary. I hand delivered our save the dates with little jars of sweets which I’d finished off with a wax seal on the lid with both our first initials on. I wanted something different to white chair covers and a bow so I sourced some champagne flocked organza and my mum made all our chair covers for us. Up until a couple of months before I was even going to decorate our venue myself with my mum, the night before. That went pear shaped when a new secretary started at the venue and said we couldn’t do that anymore. So my mum dressed the venue on the morning of the wedding and she attached the pew ends that I had handmade.

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At first I hadn’t really thought about having a sweet buffet, I knew they were popular but I just thought oh well we’ve not got a lot of children as guests so there’s not really a lot of point. I mentioned it to my workmates and they told me how wrong I was and how well they’d gone down at events that they’d been to. I quickly opened my mind to it but knew from the get go that I wanted something different to a sweet cart, they’re lovely but I didn’t want the same as everybody else. We had a vintage themed wedding so it was a no brainer for me to try to make it look like a traditional sweet shop! I bought a welsh dresser and painted it to suit our theme and sourced some large traditional Victorian sweet jars, plastic for safety. Our ‘Devine Sweet Shoppe’ (Devine being my new surname – it seemed obvious to use it as a kind of play on words!) went down a treat and people used it all day and night. At the end of the wedding guests even filled some of the traditional paper sweet bags for the taxi home!

The feedback I received was lovely and our wedding photographer encouraged me to hire it out for other brides looking for something different. I decided to give it a go and here I am, exhibiting at my first wedding fayres with Little White Books 🙂

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