The Wedding Dance Company

The Wedding Dance Company offers a unique, bespoke dance service.
We offer First Dance, Hen Party Dance Sessions, Private Tuition and much more!
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We tailor make your package to suit your needs and requirements. whether you are looking for a one off session, a crash course or long term lessons to prepare for your big day, we can help.
We understand, lives are busy especially when planning a wedding therefore we offer flexibility and understanding to your personal situation.
The Wedding Dance Company’s ethos is to build confidence and support couples through what can be thought as a daunting experience. We ensure all sessions are fun, taught at your pace and modified accordingly to enhance your moment together.
We invest time in understanding what ‘your vision’ is, you may be looking for something a little more than a ‘two foot shuffle’, a a tango or ballroom inspired dance, a fun medley or mashup. We can ensure we will assist you in preparing for your perfect First Dance. 

Sessions are planned to be held in the comfort of your own home, led by industry professionals ensuring you feel relaxed and comfortable. Classes are offered across the North-West Uk.