Rebecca J Hair

Wedding hair for the modern & un-traditional bride.
Rebecca loves to make you feel like yourself but better.
Serving the Lake District in cumbria and beyond, Working with modern, and un-traditional brides.
Your hair is going to scream YOU.
Let’s stay away from the super traditional and create a look that is unique to you.
After-all Your hairstyle is a representation of who you truly are.

There are no two brides who are alike. There are also no two styles that are alike. You may want a classic and elegant hair style but feel it is missing your personal edge. Your personal edge can be adding unique elements into your hair style or it could be adding in hair accessories. It may also be non of the above and you may choose to add your edge into your wedding day in other ways.

This is why your consultation is super important to dive deep into your personal style and your preferences, ensuring your hair style is a true reflection of who you truly are.