KPW Booths

There’s so many things to consider when planning your party, wedding or any other special occasion but what’s the most important? That special something that will keep your guests talking about for years to come; something that will allow them to really feel part of the celebrations; something that will leave them wanting to come back, time and time again…

Our photo booth is the next BIG THING – a MUST for anyone wanting something that little bit different. It’s exactly as it says – a purpose-built, fully-automated photo booth where your guests get to experience their five minutes of fame. It’s their opportunity to go wild, be someone else or simply to leave lasting memories of your celebrations!

The best thing? You don’t have to be a technical whizz to operate it (in fact, you don’t have to be sober in some cases!) Just remember the four P’s…


We also have a multitude of weird and wonderful props in our bag of tricks to liven up every photograph so your guests can really make the most of the experience.
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