J C Occasion Carts

Hello and welcome to JC Occasion Carts!

We are here to help add that extra sparkle for your guests to your wedding day, evening or both. Our cart comes either plain with no frills or can be decorated tastefully to include your accent colour if you wish. Our cart can be laden with any of these options or we can put a mix of them together, or you can have them tiered over the evening… 

  • Sweets, both retro and more up to date jellies sour or sweet.. 
  • Donuts – plain, iced, and filled 
  • Farmhouse favourites – rocky road, choc brownies, flapjack, caramel slices etc 
  • Cheese & biscuits – All hard/soft cheese – Lancashire, Cheddar to Brie and Cambert 

All of these options can be choosen and agreed before your big day, when we meet up with you, so if you like what we offer get in touch, and we will quote you dependent on the numbers of guests and which choices you’ve made.
Thanks for taking the time to read this… hope we hear from you soon!

07938 731409