BlackSheep Productions

Behind the Lens
With over 20 years combined experience in the creative industry it was all about timing before making our move back into the Creative Wedding industry. Well here we are, we were the new kids on the block in 2019… Thus can’t wait to share just some of our amazing shoots from the 2019 season!

So how did BlackSheep come about?
Well simply chatting with our son (Age 5) It was a very strange conversation and why you would ask a five year old for a new business name still baffles us today. However his response will never leave us! It has he has helped us create something almost as unique as we are.
“You and mummy are very different, just like two black sheep that work well together, that’s why I love you and what makes you special… Your my BlackSheep”. The rest is history…
Our Philosophy…
BlackSheep says so much about our business… Not only through the eyes of a 5 year old, but also how we want to be different to other providers. This is not necessarily in a stylistic manner, in essence where we differ stems from our own passion to deliver at price point many in the industry would consider to low.

As a couple we pride ourselves on our ability to focus on capturing not only your day but also those magic moments that can only be told through the power of the lens.

If you like our style, plan time to give us a call and discuss your big day.
We specialise in film and photography packages, check out our pricing page and we are sure to be number one on your list to call…
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