Wedding Open Day

Event Venue: The Wellbeing Farm
Start Date: Sunday 24th April 2022
Start Time:

Come and browse our fun, unique and sustainable venue while enjoying a complimentary cocktail! Our prices are going lower! YES you read it right….😲 You may have heard our amazing news last week that we became a B Corp! We are the first B Corp certified venue in the country and in case you don’t know what a B Corp is, it’s an accreditation which gives you the reassurance that the company operates to the highest standards of social and environmental impact. It demonstrates that a company is ethical. With the cost of living crisis and everyone feeling the pinch, with price hikes which seem to be coming from every direction, we feel the need to do something to help…. You may have been expecting us to come out next with a statement about price rises (like everyone else and our suppliers are doing)…. but NO … We are going to do the OPPOSITE…. We know times are tough so we want to give something back now that we are a B Corp… so… WE ARE LOWERING OUR PRICES! Yes you read that correctly, at a time when most venues are raising prices and taking advantage of the ‘back-log’ of UK weddings, we are standing proud and supporting those who have supported us through a difficult two-years. We want to use our B Corp Certification to make a difference, to make sure our award-winning fun and quirky wedding venue is accessible to those who have also struggled during the pandemic and are struggling now during this cost of living crisis, so we are reducing our prices so happy couples looking to plan their special day can take advantage,… If you are still looking to secure a date, why not either book now to take advantage of our price reduction or if you’ve had a quote in the past and not booked for some reason, let us relook at your quote to see how we can help. Come and visit for a fresh quote…

County: Lancs