Join the hundreds of businesses that work with Little White Books every year in print, at shows and online – click here to request the relevant media pack.

Little White Books are proud to host well-organised and well-attended wedding fairs across the North West. We achieve consistently high visitor numbers through our visible and tangible advertising methods including regional magazines, radio, roadside banners, posters, and leaflets are available for all exhibitors. We actively advertise online using social media sites and many event websites, also we contact our extensive database of Northwest brides
by email and text message once a week.

Every bride who visits a Little White Books wedding fair receives FREE entry, a FREE 200 page wedding magazine and a FREE large cotton goody bag for life.

Every exhibitor receives a free six month comprehensive business listing on our website,
www.littlewhitebooks.co.uk Exhibitor costs also include a linen covered table and two chairs. The maximum number of exhibitor per sector is 10% of total exhibitors, e.g. a fair with 30 exhibitors in total would have a maximum of 3 photographers attending.

Deposit Payments: We require a £75 deposit to secure one booking, two or more bookings require a £50 deposit per fair. Your stand reservation is not guaranteed until we receive a deposit payment and booking form.

Please contact us on 07742 609136 to chat further.