How’s THIS for a Great Northern Wedding celebration that ROCKS?

Music and love, love and
music – for the team at LWB HQ it’s a match made in heaven. So when we
heard about the amazing plans that Pete and Abby have for their Great Northern
wedding we just had to find out more!

On Saturday 27th
May, The Courteeners will headline one of the biggest concerts in Manchester in
2017 with The Charlatans supporting during the bank holiday weekend for a
one-night only Manchester music festival at Emirates Old Trafford.

There’s another
one-night only event taking place in Manchester on May 27th – Pete
and Abby from Gee Cross, Tameside are getting married! And not content with a DJ and a dance to
celebrate they’re taking their guests with them when they finish their wedding
day in front of The Courteeners! Grandma and Grandad too!

We LOVE stories
about Great Northern brides & grooms who absolutely make their wedding day
their own, so we caught up with the Groom, Pete.

1. So
first – the big news – you’re getting
married!! Where did you meet?

Almost 8 years ago on a bank holiday weekend I was out
with friends at our local. On a trip to the bar one girl caught my eye. We had a couple of
sneaky looks at each other, then Abby did a heart sign across the bar to me and
that was it. 5 months later, we were travelling Thailand and Vietnam together!

2.Where will your ceremony and reception
be held? Before you decamp to LCCC!

Our ceremony will be at Trafford Town Hall. Everyone has been very accommodating
at both Lancashire CCC and Trafford. It is going to be quite a
unique day and the fact we have just seven months to sort everything out – it’s
been a big job, still lots to organise and everyone involved has been very

3. Who popped the
question – you or Abby?

I treated Abby to a trip to Iceland with two
of our friends and organised an early morning trip to an amazing waterfall. As
we posed for a picture, I got down on one knee.

4.You’ve attracted lots of media
attention – did you ever think that would happen?

Not at all. We both tweeted about our reception plans and
purchasing the tickets, next thing we knew, Liam Fray from the Courteeners
retweeted Abby and it snowballed from there! The M.E.N. contacted us to
write a story then it was the BBC, NME and Radio X! I then got a phone call
from a friend to tell me to put Soccer AM on as the band were guests on the
show and had mentioned they were going to do “something special” for
us. It has all been a bit weird really but exciting at the same time!

5.We know you love The Courteeners –
what are you hoping will be on the set-list?

Our first dance was always going to be Take Over The
World, but some of the old ones, Bide Your Time, Cavorting and off the new
album Modern Love, Tip Toes and Lucifers Dreams sound brilliant live. We
went to the recent gig in Liverpool and the set list was very strong. It’s
gearing up to be a great night!

6.Will you be bopping in your suit and
wedding dress, or are you rocking two different looks? And is your
photographer joining you or will it be iPhones at the ready?

Everyone will be staying in their wedding attire.
Depending if the Manchester weather stays kind, we may have to provide a few
ponchos and I am sure you will see a bride crowd surfing to Not Nineteen
Forever! The photographer will be joining us at the gig, we just have to find
one that is willing to fight through the crowds now!

7.How do the parents and grandparents
feel about it? Will they head straight
for the mosh-pit?

Yes – parents and grandparents will be attending the gig!
However, Lancashire CCC have provided us with designated seating for the ones
that aren’t quite ready to brave the floor!

8.Are there any other Great Northern
Bands that you would love to hear from on your big day?

We’re huge fans of both The Courteeners
and The Charlatans so this is an amazing line up for us, but if you could throw
another band in the mix, it would have to be Oasis. There has been talks of a
reunion, so….

9.So what happens after the gig – back
to a hotel or will you be descending upon Corbierres and South?

We have booked in at Black Dog Ballroom for the after
party. It’s a great venue and the same place we saw Liam Fray (The Courteeners
lead singer) do an intimate acoustic set a couple of years ago.

10.Honeymoon plans – are you jetting off
or having a break closer to home?

We have not even entertained the idea of a honeymoon, as
we have used pretty much all of savings – that was for a house deposit – on the
wedding. Isle of Wight festival is a couple of weeks later though, so you never

Pete and Abby – we applaud you! And any bride and groom who follow your lead
of “Your day, your way”! There’s a song
title in there somewhere…

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