Golden rules for your Hen Do, your way.

When I was planning my wedding I had a recurring nightmare
that just wouldn’t go away. The Hen Do. Now I like a laugh and I’m
certainly not shy but the idea of being trussed up in an outfit featuring an
acrylic veil and all manner of phallic shaped accessories brought me out in a
cold sweat. A stripper, just for me? NO THANKS! I don’t oil up my
husband-to-be, I’m certainly not touching a sweaty stranger! Nor do I want to
kiss someone called Kevin just because it’s on a Hen Night to-do list!
Fishbowls? I love my friends but really don’t want to share their
spit! You get the picture. Less trash more class please!

If you want to keep an element of control without doing any
of the planning (which is absolutely how it should be!) keep these golden rules
in mind;

  • Be Clear

Set your stall out as soon as you can. Sorry girls,
there will be no blow up dolls involved. It’s just not my style. In
my case it was met with agreement from most people and I had an awesome Chief
Bridesmaid to deal with any Pouting Hens. She didn’t care if I wanted to
be a Snobby Bride (more Bollinger, less Benidorm). And that’s why she was my
first choice, I knew no matter her personal preference she would have my back –
well she’d make sure it wasn’t festooned with L plates at least!

  • Be Confident

If you don’t want to go to Blackpool because “it’s always a
laugh” but you know that means dodging puddles and randy pub-crawlers tell your
girls. If you’re worrying that they will be disappointed don’t give it a
second thought – they’ve either had or will have moments in life that you will
celebrate their way, this is your time to put yourself first. Take the
film ‘Bridesmaids’ as a cautionary (but HILARIOUS) tale – see what happens when
the Bride doesn’t speak up?

  • Be Specific

Dreaming of a trip to New York or a City Centre spa and
show? Or would a big gather of all the ladies in your life in one place
(no stairs, so Nanna can come) be better for you? If you’ve set your heart on
something talk it out with your favourite people. They want you to be
happy! They also might like to see you dancing on the bar wearing pink
hotpants and a smile, but NO means NO! 

  • Be Fair

And realistic. If your nearest and dearest aren’t
financially able to fly off to Marbella at the drop of a hat a long lead time
is only fair. If you’re asking people you love to spend a substantial
amount of cash just remember when the Vivienne Westwood bridal shoe was on the
other foot. We’ve all got months of the year when its non-stop birthdays,
christening, ANOTHER brown envelope doing the rounds at work. So yes talk
about what you want but don’t be THAT person – stick within your budget and give
plenty of notice. What’s the point of having a “Once In A Lifetime” if it takes
you a lifetime to clear the credit card?

  • Be YOU

Wedding planning isn’t the worst job in the world (you’ll
actually miss it once you’re married!) but it’s never easy co-ordinating lots
of diaries and making decisions can be exhausting. A date in your diary
that is JUST for you is a great motivator. You’ve got fabulous plans with
your favourite people – always a winner! If you feel strongly about
certain things please speak up, don’t let it all happen and complain about if

If you’re very much a Go With The Flow Bride that’s great
too. If your idea of fun is waking up at Dover with a return ticket
stapled to your Pokemon Go outfit and NO CHARGER then all power to you. Mark
this highlight in your life your way. And share it with us please, no
matter what you do! Upload your pics to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using
#GreatNorthernBride <3

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