​Their Job is to Tell Your Story – How to find a Great Wedding Videographer!

Thanks to Paul Cryer of Wedding Films by Freezeframe:

“When looking for the company who will produce that incredible
film of your perfect and special day, you’ll want someone who is professional,
reliable and who will be able to create your memories to treasure. Here is what
we at Wedding Films by Freezeframe suggest you look out for, whether or not you
book us for your big day:

Each wedding couple is unique. You’ll have your own ideas
about what you want from your wedding video. You’ll have a budget, everyone has
a budget and we’ll work within this if we can, but bear in mind that saving a
few pounds might not result in the keepsake that you will cherish in years to
come. We’re talking about your memories here so think about what it is you really
want your film to achieve, and find a videographer who will fulfil your needs.
If you want a short form edit don’t book a long form specialist, and vice

Draw up a shortlist and talk to all the companies on this
list before committing. Find someone you feel you can trust and get along with,
and who is willing to produce the kind of film you want, in a style that suits

Our most important tip though is make sure you watch a full
example wedding film from everyone and don’t
just go off the highlights most companies have on their website. Make sure
the final product is of a high standard and is to the style you’d be happy

Once you’ve booked a videographer, let them get on with what
they do best. You’ve booked them because you trust what they will create for
you. You’ve looked at the style they work to and decided that was right for
you. Let them capture your day perfectly, as they have done for many other
couples. For example, at the wedding reception we’d rather not just film guests
lined up for shots, but instead capture a real sense of the occasion. Save the
photo line-up for the official photographer.

Give us the freedom to document how the event actually
unfolds, from the formal moments down to the little details. The more natural
it feels, the more it will flow, and the more you’ll cherish it when you
revisit it in the years to come and share it with others.

By Wedding Films by Freezeframe – did you see their film of the Great Northern Wedding Show? You can view it here: https://vimeo.com/164399787


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