Great Northern Wedding Venues Part 2 by Mick Cookson Photography

We asked the Winner of the 2015 Great Northern Wedding Award’s Best Male Photographer, Mick Cookson, to reveal his top three favourite ‘Great Northern’ locations to photograph
weddings. Mick is a highly experienced wedding photographer who has probably shot weddings at every North West wedding venue – and beyond – so choosing his Top Three wasn’t the easiest thing to ask him to do. But like a true pro, he sent us his shortlist, with a few words, and stunning images which do all the talking for him!

1. Manchester Town Hall

Possibly my favourite venue. I never get
tired of shooting at the Town Hall. Every visit seems to be different, and the
location offers plenty of scope for creative imagery – both inside and out…

2. Castlefield

Castlefield is THE location for Manchester
weddings – every wedding photographer uses it;
but it’s how you use it that counts. Like the Town Hall, Castlefield
changes like a Chameleon. From simple red brick walls, to full on industrial
backdrops, this location is a must…

3. Mitton Hall

One of the very best wedding venues in Lancashire,
Mitton Hall offers a great contrast of old vs new. The Hall itself is stunning,
with beautiful grounds for couple and family portraits. Mitton has to be one of
the best all-round wedding venues for me, with quality to die for…

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