Nicely Natural vs Perfectly Polished by Make Up Artist Kerry Baker

“I just want to look natural…”

For a bride
on her wedding day, it is so important they look the absolute best version of
themselves. They want to look in the mirror at the end of the session and see a
confident, radiant, and most of all, beautiful reflection. And of course they
do, it’s their wedding day after all!

During their
bridal trial, many ladies will request a “natural” look. However, truly natural
make up is actually quite different to what they have in mind. While a nicely natural
look can be enough for some ladies, especially if they are not used to wearing
any make up at all, for many it just isn’t quite enough. They want a slightly
more defined look, what I like to call a “perfectly polished” look.

In order to demonstrate the difference between a nicely natural and a
perfectly polished look, I have created two bridal make up looks on the
gorgeous Katie.


Here she is wearing a light foundation, very subtle skin tone shadow on
her eyes, a dark brown mascara and a subtle flush of colour on her cheeks.
Brows are smoothed but not filled, and her lips are just tinted with a neutral
lip gloss. Her make-up is virtually untraceable but she appears to have a
radiant inner glow. But for many brides, this isn’t quite enough.


Eyes are framed with soft kohl
liner and were given a delicate “smokey eye” using flattering shades of taupe,
champagne and brown while brows were groomed and lightly filled. Black mascara,
a slightly heavier foundation and a beautiful rose blush were used to
complement Katie’s features. The make over is finished with a soft pink lip-colour
which matches her own lips closely for a beautifully elegant bridal look.

I am proud
to be recognised for my skills and ability to enhance natural beauty, not mask
it. We are all beautiful, but a little enhancement goes a long way after all!

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