It’s a Groom Thing

A beauty regime is not just exclusively a girl thing. As a guy, taking care of your appearance has at last become cool; accepted and expected; grooming products have in turn flooded the market making male grooming a booming growth industry.

On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you as a couple, and a handsome groom is just as important as a beautiful blushing bride. So why let girls have all the fun? Get pampering yourself now with some proper lush man-products.

MEN ROCK takes their inspiration from traditional barbers and Jermyn Street and produce a good- looking range of grooming products that they like to use themselves.

Their ‘Beardy Beloved Beard Care Kit’ maintains your facial follicle forest perfectly and contains everything your need to keep your beard in tip-top shape. The kit includes both a Men Rock Beard Soap and Men Rock Soothing Beard Balm, some gorgeous Men Rock Sandalwood Styling Wax and a little pack of Love Heart Sweets.

MEN’S SOCIETY are designers and distributors of the most stylish men’s gifts sourced from across the globe, with a focus on vintage American design and also produce an own-label range. They have just released a ‘Damn handsome’ shave cream and brush to make you 100% dapper. 

This luxurious gentleman’s shaving brush is handmade using only the finest wood and natural boar bristles to give you the tools to create a perfect shave. The cream, with a hint of lemon and thyme, has a zesty aroma which is both refreshing and invigorating.

THE BEARDED MAN COMPANY is a small family run business located in the beautiful rolling hills of Kent, England. They have been creating and developing small batch artisan beauty products for many years. It’s not often you can find something so simple that can make such a big difference to your day. Their beard oil is a multi-purpose miracle worker. 

Crafted with clean natural ingredients, every bottle is free of the questionable chemicals often used in the beauty industry. It truly takes care of everything, from intensely conditioning and moistening, leaving you smooth and nourished. Their range contains no nasties, plenty of ethics and fabulous ingredients.

British-manufactured SCARAMOUCHE & FANDANGO create a range of distinctive styling & skincare products for those who know that being a Real Gent is a choice you make each day. Their newest gift pack comprises a bold and sturdy wash bag, along with a complete set of body and skincare products. 

At the time of going to print, this wash bag & its contents was available to buy for just £40 from their website, including shampoo with cleansing Black Quinoa & Shea Butter, conditioner, body wash with remineralising Brazilian Papaya & Vitamin E complex, shave cream, face scrub and hydrator.

NICKEL was created in Paris in 1996 by Philippe Dumont. His aim was to create a venue for men to feel comfortable in and treat themselves to massages and actual beauty treatments, such as facial skin treatment, hair removal, manicure and pedicure. 

Masculine beauty then badly needed an injection of fun and whimsicality which is why Nickel developed a whole line of funky and in-your-face products, such as the famed Morning-After Rescue Gel, the magic wand for the hangover and a cult product to partygoers the world over. In 2006, NICKEL opened a spa in London’s Covent Garden. The brand now features over twenty products which are available in selected retail outlets and online.

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