Guest Wishes!™ by Andy Wade Photography

Photographer Andy Wade loves making your day special, unique
and one to remember with gorgeous photos as well as his very own unique and
creative twist called Guest Wishes!™ This is lots of fun and Andy finds that it
is a more natural, organic alternative to photo booths with a real personal

“We wish you better luck than we had”

Guest Wishes! ™ are a wonderful way of looking back at
family and friends on your wedding day. Andy phtoographs your guests in their
glad rags and then asks them to leave a special handwritten message to you. You
can have these polaroid style postcards in your online gallery, on their own or
in your album for everyone to share. Just make sure there are no little secrets
that you don’t want to come out… although Andy makes sure he gets them early
before too much champers has fuelled their creative fires….!

Everyone’s wedding day is different, so why not add this
unique twist to make your wedding photography different? Andy will style the Guest
Wishes! ™ into something personal for you. For his last destination wedding in
Turkey, Claire, Jock and Andy created ‘Postcards from Turkey’ with their own
postcard stamp with the big days’ date on….lovely touch!

Andy offers this as part of his package, so go over to his
website to see his Guest Wishes!™ page and more of his work or get in touch to
see what kind of Guest Wishes! ™ you can have..

Links: Andy Wade Photography Website

Guest Wishes!™ page

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